What is a great depression timeline of America

A period of great depression was faced by the American citizens during the World War II. This great depression timeline could be from 1929 to 1941 with so many effects lasted more than one decade. It was a very challenging time for the American federal government because everything was uncontrolled in this particular time. The American stock market crashed in the October 29, 1929. All banks, stock market, and financial sectors were lost everything. The American citizens were lost their saving accounts and entire money due to this loss. In the year 1930, severe poverty was affecting the Americans and most of the people are living without food. This poverty was only because of the unemployment experienced by the persons. Nearly one person in every four person was in the unemployed situations. So, they did not have enough money for surviving their life with the enough food. The farmers were not having money to invest in the land. All lands were drawn and dried without enough investment for any farming actions. Everything became difficult to the people and most of them migrated to the nearby countries for their life survival.

Some of them lost their hope on farming or employment so they attempted suicide. American federal government had taken many actions to control this great depression timeline and changed it to the normal level. But it could be long lasted more than one decade. Hundreds and thousands of American citizens were lost their homes and employment. They did not have enough food per day. There life survival was in a very critical situation after the World War II. At this time, the people wanted to get the best president to avoid this poverty of the country and change it to the normal position. In the earlier 1932, the Franklin D. Roosevelt had become a president of the American country. He was a great president in that time and had done many good things for the American citizens. His only aim was to improve a nation with no poor people. He wanted everyone to be a millionaire with the enough food, dresses, and shelter.

For this purposes, he was doing many things as the elected president of the America federal government. His government was changed a great depression timeline to the good time by investing a lot of money on banking sectors, farming organizations, insurance companies, loan associations, and many more. These organizations and associations were providing a lot of employment opportunities to the people who were under the poverty line. By this way, everyone got employment and enough money for their life survival. After the year 1941, the American economic status has been developing rapidly and end to the great depression. It was only possible by the effort of the new president Franklin D. Roosevelt and his best suggestions. The entire government was doing all things under the direction of this president and finally got the desired economic status and position in the society by completely avoiding poverty in their country.


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